30 Days of Pride — Week 2

This is my second week of the ‘30 Days of Pride‘ challenge, celebrating pride month; if you missed the first week, click here. I’m beginning to think being demiro is playing on easy mode …

Day 8: Who is your greatest supporter?

My greatest supporter would have to be my partner, Thisby. A brightly-coloured fiery woman, she’s fantastic to have around, and always seems to know when I need supportive cuddles and when I need cheering up.

2016-03-12 17.27.22
Thisby, blushing bashfully as I try to take a photo
Day 9: Do you identify with a certain ‘tribe’? Which one?

I definitely identify with the women-loving-women community. I love our shared sense of culture, how much we’ve grown away from patriarchal norms (although I still recognised there’s a long way to go), and our attitude towards ageing. It’s nice to enter a room full of supportive — and in my circle, fiercely feminist and intersectional — women, and know that you’re both safe, and if you say something harmful that you’ll be called out on it in a manner that supports your education.

I would much rather the momentary embarrassment of being told my behaviour is harmful than continue harming people obliviously.

Day 10: What’s the most influential LGBTQ event you’ve attended?

I’ve attended a few rallies, especially concerning Safe Schools, and went to my first Pride march last year, but on the whole I wouldn’t describe any of them as particularly influential. Since I have an anxiety disorder, getting to the really loud rallies that are impactful is a great difficulty, often to the point of impossible.

Day 11: When was the first time you fell in love? Who was it with?

My first boyfriend, E. (house rules: not putting in full names without explicit consent). He was kind and caring, and we played a lot of ERP together online as our relationship was long distance. Unfortunately, because of different life goals and the distance, our relationship broke apart (amicably), but he was still my first.

Since then, I’ve not fallen in love with another guy, although there have been women and genderfluid/nonbinary individuals!

Day 12: Name your favourite fictional LGBTQ character.

Oooh, here’s some fun! Let’s try a bunch of different approaches:

Headcanon: Hermione Granger. I know that canonically she ended up with Ron and lived happily ever after, but in my mind she ends up with Ginny post-graduation. Rowling picked the wrong Weasley!

Playable Characters: Commander Shepard (F) from Mass Effect. I loved getting close to each of the different characters, and exploring their interactions, and I just love gradually turning Ashley Williams from a gruff human-supremacist into a caring person.

Books/Comics: Rain, from the webcomic Rain. A young trans woman moves to a new school, presenting female full-time for the first time. Unfortunately, it’s not a very accepting religious school, and there’s someone from her past there … will it haunt her?

Honestly, it’s a beautifully written comic that will make you laugh and cry, will let you see the impact of both dysphoria and acceptance, and make you fall in love with this wonderful young woman.

Film/Television: I would say Susan Ivanova from Babylon 5, who was supposed to get together with Talia Winters, but then things ended badly and we never got to see it on screen. So that moves Willow Rosenberg from Buffy up to first place!

Day 13: Are you religious? Why or why not?

No. I was raised in a Roman Catholic family, but my family weren’t especially religious, and encouraged my interest in science and learning from a young age. As I learned more and more about the universe, I noted increasing discrepancies with what I was being told by my Catholic school, and gradually drifted from the faith.

Now I don’t believe in God for the same reason anyone who doesn’t believe in a thing doesn’t believe in it: I’ve not been given sufficient evidence to allay my doubts. As it stands, I’ve seen nothing that indicates any supernatural being at all, much less the specific one in whom I was taught to believe by my religion.

Day 14: Tag your insta-crush.

Well, being demi got me out of this one! Sorry for the unsatisfying answer, but this is an example of the internalisation of alloromantic norms in queer spaces.

But as a bonus, I will say the first video game character that I ever had a crush on: Aerie, from Baldur’s Gate II. An Avariel (winged-elf) who has had her wings removed and was sold to a circus, all she wants to do is help people, and even though she’s terrified of the world she’s willing to be brave in order to offer that help.

Unfortunately, she’s not romanceable as a female character (you’re stuck with only Anomen as your choice, and he’s both horrible and boring), but she is really fun to get to know, and she is so easy to feel protective towards. It really helps that she’s voiced by Kath Soucie, better known for her roles as Phil & Lil from Rugrats, or the mother from Dexter’s Laboratory. 


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30 Days of Pride — Week 2

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